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Vinyl Siding – Lower Cost and Great Value

The hands-down winner in the popularity contest is vinyl siding. This is the most common siding used on homes in the U.S. Vinyl siding is resistant to temperature extremes and high winds, dents and dings, for the ultimate choices in color , and more.

It is also resistant to moisture, can look like real wood, but is much less expensive and easier to work with. It needs very little maintenance, since it is resistant to most of the elements that comprise other types of siding. Vinyl doesn’t rot like wood or scratch and dent like metal.

It will get dirty, but usually all you have to do is rinse it off. You can use a pressure washer for stubborn dirt or mildew that may grow in lodged debris. A solution of mild detergent water may be necessary, but that’s about it. The long life, low cost, and low maintenance makes this the most popular siding in the USA.  

 I love seeing the transformation of a home, but I love seeing the homeowner’s reaction to the transformation more. I’ve had homeowners tell me, ‘Wow, I love coming home to see our home now.’ That’s very gratifying.




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Vinyl is easy and lightweight to install, and requires very little maintenance. A good cleaning with a power washer every 3 or 4 years is usually enough to keep this product looking like new. It is available in just about any color you want, and you can order various textures to coordinate with your home’s architecture. The color is mixed in at the manufacturing facility, so the entire plank is saturated with the color you choose. 

Most vinyl siding will exceed its manufacturer’s promises. With today’s materials and processing, vinyl keeps its shape regardless of temperature or high winds. The colors are strong and vibrant for years.


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Jack Holt
Certified Installer 

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