Your Immune System

Your Immune System, A Letter From The CEO of Double Helix Water

There is a lot of information right now about ways to protect yourself in today’s environment.


A lot of it is pretty basic and excellent advice, wash your hands, avoid sick people, don’t cough on others – all good advice as a first line of defense. The advances of hygiene over the last century or so can really not be overstated when it comes to the overall health of the population.


I don’t really have anything to add to that, which is not readily available over the internet.


However, I have been getting a lot of phone calls and emails from people concerned and therefore, thought I would put down my thoughts on something maybe not everyone has already looked at.


You, sitting here reading this, have the most exceptional, never been beaten, defense system ever developed. It’s actually astounding how good of a defense system it is.


What am I talking about? Not a bunch of rockets or some drug – no, I am talking about your immune system.


I have made this statement a number of times recently, and realized from some of the responses, that many people do not have the full concept of what they really have. Which is understandable, a lot has been written about the Immune System and how it functions. And the best sources are technical papers – which are rather technical. So while I’m not trying to write a detailed paper on it here, I would like to impart an understanding of its general function.


The human body, any living body, is composed of lots and lots of very small building blocks called cells. There are many different types of cells, and they generally have some things in common: they take in nutrients, produce energy, perform an action(s), excrete waste and replicate themselves at some point.


How to boost your immune system

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