Having a pickup truck allows you to tow small boats, trailers, campers, and more. You don’t necessarily need to have a tow truck to be in the towing business. If you have the right equipment, like a 7ft wide car-hauler trailer, you can tow other vehicles.

Pickup trucks can tow between 5,000 pounds to 14,000 pounds, some can haul even heavier loads, but we don’t need to run out and buy a 2 ton truck. The used truck we have will work just fine. Most of your loads will be much less than your vehicle’s towing capacity.

You can start with lighter loads that won’t stress out your pickup truck. For instance, transporting small boats from homes to the dock and vice versa is lucrative if your state has popular lakes. Throw in campers and you can stay busy doing just this type of hauling.

People also sell their junk cars but need someone to transport them to the junkyard. It’s a great opportunity when you connect with local auto salvage yards to pick up junk cars. Salvage yards need these non-working automobiles for parts. It’s how they make money and stay in business.


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