Promise of Dawn.


Within the labyrinth of existence, A hidden sanctuary awaits—a dome of wonder. Its arches curve like ancient secrets, Whispering tales of forgotten realms.

Through corridors of memory, we wander, Tracing footsteps imprinted on the sands of time. Each door opens to a hidden chapter, A tapestry woven from joy, sorrow, and rhyme. by jack holt and ai

 In the quiet chambers of the mind, Where thoughts like fireflies dance, A journey begins, unseen by the world, Yet profound in its significance amidst the ebony veil of night, where fallen angels of darkness hang like black diamond shards were all have forgotten the "Lords Prayer".


Here, the walls are adorned with stardust, Each mote a fragment of eternity. The floor, a mosaic of dreams, where footsteps imprint constellations. 




As I wander, I can see the moon, a pale sentinel, casts its gaze upon the world below. Shadows stretch and twist, inky tendrils reaching for secrets hidden in the crevices of ancient stones. 

The forest breathes, its leaves whispering secrets to the wind. Each tree stands as a sentinel of time, its bark etched with  memories of storms and sunsets. Moss blankets the ground, a soft green carpet that cradles fallen leaves and dew-kissed petals. 

A river meanders through the land, its waters a silver ribbon that weaves tales of distant mountains and forgotten cities. I follow its course, my footsteps leaving imprints on the damp earth. The air smells of petrichor and pine, a heady blend that intoxicates the senses.

In a clearing, I find a weathered cabin, its roof sagging under the weight of years. Smoke curls from the chimney, carrying with it the scent of burning cedar. A lone candle flickers in the window, casting dancing shadows on the walls. 

Inside, the cabin is a time capsule. Dust motes swirl in the shafts of light that pierce the darkness. An old rocking chair sits by the hearth, its wood worn smooth by countless nights of contemplation. A faded quilt drapes over the bed, its colors muted like a forgotten dream.

I sit by the fire, listening to the crackle and pop of burning wood. Outside, the stars continue their silent vigil. The river sings its ancient song, and the forest breathes in rhythm with my own heartbeat.

In this quiet corner of the world, I am both wanderer and witness. The night enfolds me, and I become part of its tapestry—a thread woven into the fabric of time, bound by the promise of dawn.

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