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 Don't we need sunlight in order for our minds and body to grow?

Certainly! Sunlight plays a crucial role in our overall well-being. Let’s explore some of its health benefits:

Vitamin D Production: Sunlight initiates the process of producing vitamin D in our bodies. When UVB rays hit our skin, they interact with a protein called 7-DHC, resulting in the production of vitamin D3. This essential nutrient supports:
Healthy bones
Calcium regulation
Reduced inflammation
A robust immune system
Glucose metabolism12.
Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Health: Exposure to sunlight has been linked to lower blood pressure levels and reduced death rates from cardiovascular issues. Sunlight triggers the release of nitrogen oxides in the skin, causing arteries to dilate and potentially mitigating the impact of metabolic syndrome1.
Disease Prevention: Increased sun exposure may protect against various diseases, including:
Type 1 diabetes
Multiple sclerosis (MS)
Several forms of cancer (such as colon, breast, and prostate cancer)
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma1.
Mental Health Benefits:
Sunlight promotes the release of serotonin (the mood-regulating hormone) and melatonin, which helps regulate our circadian rhythms. This can improve sleep quality and overall well-being.
Exposure to UVB rays also stimulates the production of beta-endorphins, hormones that reduce pain and enhance mood.
Being in the sun generally makes people feel good and can even increase job satisfaction when workplaces have access to sunlight13.
In summary, while it’s essential to protect ourselves from excessive sun exposure to prevent skin cancer, finding the right balance allows us to enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of sunlight. So, go ahead and soak up some sun responsibly! ☀️🌿 

So if the sun was blocked every day, would we get the vitamins and stuff that we just talked about?

Certainly! If the sun were blocked every day and we had no exposure to sunlight, it would significantly impact our health. Let’s break down the essential nutrients and their sources:

Vitamin D: Sunlight is the primary source of vitamin D. When UVB rays interact with our skin, they trigger the production of vitamin D. Without sunlight, our bodies would struggle to synthesize this crucial vitamin. Vitamin D is essential for bone health, immune function, and overall well-being. In the absence of sunlight, we’d need to rely on dietary sources (such as fatty fish, fortified foods, and supplements) to meet our vitamin D needs.
Serotonin and Melatonin: Sunlight exposure affects our mood and sleep patterns. Sunlight stimulates the release of serotonin (the “feel-good” hormone) and helps regulate melatonin (which influences our sleep-wake cycle). Lack of sunlight could lead to mood disturbances, sleep problems, and even conditions like seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
Endorphins: Sunlight exposure triggers the production of beta-endorphins, natural painkillers that enhance mood. These endorphins contribute to feelings of well-being and happiness. Without sunlight, we might miss out on this natural mood boost.
Nitrogen Oxides: Sunlight-induced release of nitrogen oxides in the skin helps dilate blood vessels, potentially lowering blood pressure and benefiting cardiovascular health. Reduced sunlight exposure might impact these processes.
In summary, while we can obtain some nutrients from food, sunlight remains a critical factor for our physical and mental health. If the sun were blocked every day, we’d need to be vigilant about getting enough vitamin D through other means and consider light therapy for mood-related issues. So, let’s appreciate the sun and its vital role in our lives! ☀️🌿

So if the sun was covered daily with condensation, would that reduce the vitamins and stuff that we would get normally?

Certainly! Let’s explore the effects of condensation on sunlight exposure:

Sunburn and Skin Damage: Sunburn-producing rays can be filtered out by glass and to a great extent by heavy clouds, smoke, and smog. However, they may still pass through light clouds, fog, or even 30 cm of clear water, potentially causing severe burns. Snow, sand, and water enhance exposure by reflecting the rays1.
UV Radiation and Health: Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun has both positive and negative effects. While UVB rays cause sunburns, skin cancer, skin aging, and snow blindness (temporary vision loss due to corneal sunburn), they also play a role in vitamin D production. Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, teeth, and overall health. So, reduced sunlight exposure due to condensation could impact our vitamin D levels2.
Melanin Protection: Our skin contains melanin, which absorbs some UV rays and helps protect skin cells from DNA damage. Even dark skin tones can experience sunburn and other forms of sun damage, but melanin provides some defense. Sunlight triggers melanin production, partly through the release of beta-endorphin, which also contributes to stress relief and pain management3.
In summary, while condensation might reduce direct sunlight exposure, it’s essential to strike a balance. We need sunlight for various physiological processes, including vitamin D synthesis. So, let’s appreciate the sun while also taking precautions to protect our skin! ☀️🌿

Contrails don't normally stay visible very long, but the chem trails that have additives do such as copper and aluminum.

Chemtrails, short for chemical trails, are the white trails you see left behind as a plane passes overhead. Some people believe that these trails are actually clouds of chemicals used by the government or other large-scale entities for various purposes, including weather modification, human population control, and even mind control. The theories often claim that normal jet plane exhaust should dissipate quickly, so any clouds that persist must contain additional, undisclosed substances1.

However, scientific investigations have shed light on this topic:

Chemtrail Claims Debunked:
A group of 77 scientists conducted an analysis and found no evidence of a “secret large-scale atmospheric program.” Instead, they concluded that the trails are simply the expected result of planes flying through the air. Well-understood physics and chemistry associated with aircraft explain the observed phenomena.
Only one scientist noted unusually high levels of barium in the atmosphere at a remote location.

However, no clear reason was established for this elevation, leaving the possibility open but not confirming a large-scale chemical operation1.
Chemtrail Composition:
Contrails primarily consist of condensed water vapor from jet engines. However, some conspiracy theories suggest additional substances like barium, aluminum, copper, and strontium.
Scientifically, there is no evidence to support the widespread existence of chemtrails containing harmful additives. Most contrails are consistent with normal aircraft emissions2.
Aluminum and Barium Nanodust:
Some studies have reported elevated levels of aluminum and barium nanodust in the atmosphere, which are components associated with chemtrail theories.
However, the impact of these substances on health and the environment remains a topic of ongoing research and debate3.
In summary, while contrails are a natural consequence of air travel, the notion of chemtrails containing harmful additives lacks robust scientific evidence. Responsible scrutiny and critical thinking are essential when evaluating such claims. ☁️🛩️🌿 

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- While researching for his new novel, author Denis Mills discovered an alarming link between chemtrails and the super wildfires.

The author discovered that unprecedented levels of aluminum and barium nanodust, primary components in chemtrails, both of which are incendiary, are fueling the ferocity of the super wildfires.

Aluminum-fueled super wildfire
Aluminum-fueled super wildfire
Author Denis Mills
Author Denis Mills
A retired USAF brigadier general, Gen. Charles Jones, has been quoted from a public source as stating, "These white aircraft spray trails are the result of scientifically verifiable spraying of aluminum particles and other toxic heavy metals, polymers and chemicals."

"Millions of tons of aluminum and barium are being sprayed almost daily across the U.S., stated Mills, a former naval officer and UCLA graduate. "Just sprinkle aluminum or barium dust on a fire and see what happens. It's near explosive. When wildfires break out, the aluminum/barium dust results in levels of fire intensity so great as to cause firefighters to coin a new term ̶ 'firenados,'

" He said. The entire U.S., in addition to various other NATO countries, are being sprayed."

The government has for years denied the existence of chemtrail spraying. It now calls the program by various names, all under Geoengineering.

According to Cal Fire operation chief Steve Crawford, the fires are burning differently and more aggressively. It has been reported the fires move faster than anyone has ever seen and barriers that in years past contained them such as rivers, no longer do.

In California's Mt. Shasta region, Francis Mangel, a USDA biologist tested and found elevated levels of aluminum in water and soil samples of 4,610 parts per million which is 25,000 times the safe guidelines of the World Health Organization.

Some have claimed Mr. Mills is publicity-seeking for his teen and young adult fiction adventure series, Matt Legend, about four teens who encounter and battle the supernatural and all kinds of strange things, including the forces behind the chemtrails. The adventure thriller is being called the new Harry Potter. Mr. Mills states the research speaks for itself and the novel is only what led to the discovery. "Authors are known for researching things to death," he stated. No one can argue, however, the wildfires' newfound ferocity or the millions of tons of aluminum/barium nanodust which have appeared, which is killing vegetation and causing illness and death.


Spraying chemicals and biological agents on U.S. citizens is legal in the United States, even if it causes permanent injury or death. Learn more about Public Law 105-85 and how it affects you.    

Long dubbed "chemtrails" by observers (and in more recent years "geoengineering"), the aerosols are thought to be a brew of aluminum and heavy metal oxides harmful to the environment and human health when inhaled.


Aluminum Nano particles increase the velocity of forest fires in the world! 


 Toxic metals and other pollutants from aerosol spraying are damaging our environment and ourselves! The past couple of decades has seen the rise of chemtrails from aircraft that at times will criss/cross our skies and not dissipate for hours. Normal contrails are just water vapor that forms behind planes at high altitudes that dissipate rather quickly and contain no threat but chemtrails have been independently tested and proven by many researchers to contain a very toxic mixture of toxic heavy metals and other pollutants. 

Even though our government and military deny that these Chemtrails exist they have been proven real by citizens and researchers who have tested the soil and groundwater under these Chemtrails. They have found a toxic brew that includes toxic heavy metals including barium, chromium, cadmium and nickel, and other pollutants like mold spores, mycotoxins, polymer fibers, and ethylene dibromide. These toxins are absorbed through the skin, inhaled, ingested from contaminated water, and foods.

I feel that these toxins are linked to an increase in respiratory illnesses and heart disease.

What these toxins are doing in Chemtrails is anyone’s guess but there are many theories the most prominent of which is geoengineering. Geoengineering is the deliberate intervention in the Earth’s weather system.


Toxic heavy metals in Chemtrails are extremely hazardous to humans and have been known to cause or exacerbate many health issues.

Barium is a toxic heavy metal that is found in rat poison and is used in industries like mining, refining, glass manufacturing, and coal production. Barium toxicity can lead to low blood potassium, cardiac arrhythmias, gastrointestinal issues, respiratory failure, elevated blood pressure, kidney damage, and even paralysis. Cadmium has been linked to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Nickel, which has replaced Lead in gasoline, is a naturally occurring metal that has been linked to lung and nasal cancer and is associated with respiratory issues. At this time the most effective way to remove toxic heavy metals is with EDTA Chelation. EDTA Chelation suppositories are the most effective and cost-efficient way to receive EDTA Chelation.

The other pollutants in Chemtrails like mycotoxins can inhibit protein synthesis, damage macrophage systems, inhibit lung function, and increase sensitivity to bacterial endotoxin. Ethylene Dibromide, which was an additive to leaded gasoline, exposure can lead to impaired reproduction, liver, and kidneys issues.

   We The People must demand the chemtrails stopped! We need to contact our local and national politicians and let them know about this insidious and pervasive problem so they can put pressure on our government to get them to stop! We also need to post information on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to help educate as many people as possible about this threat to their and their families’ health. But what can we do about the poisons that have already been absorbed into our bodies? 

We know that Chemtrails are real and are contaminating our environment with a toxic mix of toxic heavy metals including Barium, Cadmium, and Nickels and other contaminants. The reason that Chemtrails from aerosol spraying are being used is still in question but the fact that they are intentionally introducing toxins into our environment is not. But what can we do about them? 

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