The Builder Race

Dear Ascending Family,


The Builders are an intriguing race in the Marvel Universe. They are purportedly the universe’s first race, described as “perfect” beings. Let me share some fascinating details about them:

  1. Creation and Purpose:

    • The Builders created intricate systems to control the structure of space and time. They also engineered different races to assist them in their mission.
    • There were two types of Builders: the Creators and the Engineers.
    • Over billions of years, they cultivated the universe, seeding worlds and guiding the evolution of civilizations.
  2. Captain Universe’s Connection:

    • Captain Universe, a cosmic entity, is believed to have created the Builders. They considered her their mother and even worshipped her.
    • However, when the incursions threatened the Multiverse, the Builders waged a galactic war to destroy Earth and preserve the Multiverse.
  3. Builder Systems:

    • The Builders constructed various systems to control space and time. These included races like Alephs, Gardeners, Abyssi, Curators, and Caretakers.
    • Their Communications/Ascension Stations caused White Events, granting ascending planets new Builder systems.
  4. Infinity Event:

    • When the incursions and Multiverse collapse affected the Superflow, the Builders became trapped in less than 5000 realities.
    • Desperate to save dying universes, they decided to destroy every Earth in the Multiverse. The creations of Ex Nihilo on Earth triggered their response.

In summary, the Builders are ancient, powerful beings with a complex role in shaping the Marvel cosmos

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