Corey Goode

The ICC travels to Antarctica to awaken the old gods from stasis.

A new Official SSP Alliance report is on the way. This report will cover how the ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate), who controls all of Earth's infrastructure in space, reacted after being notified that the Super Federation will hold trials enforcing Cosmic Law.

These trials would be right after the solar event and after humanity had chosen its new timeline. The choice that humans make on Earth, and the timeline we choose will determine which rogue Super Federation Groups would be tried and how severe the actions of the Super Federation would be.

In a state of panic, the ICC traveled to the ancient ruined city of Atlantis over a mile below the ice on the continent of Antarctica. Excavating this ancient city from the ice began decades prior and had uncovered only a portion of the city.
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During the initial excavations, 3 large mother ships were discovered and it was determined they had crash-landed and then been cannibalized for their technology to build an extremely advanced city.

Those who have followed my information over the last 6 years will remember that these secret excavations had discovered a large number of stasis pods on the ship that were occupied by what was believed to be the royals and elites of the Pre-Adamite empire also known as Atlantis.

Many of you also know that the Earth Elite credit their bloodlines to this group of ET's that they worshiped as the Old Gods. The Earth Elite who control the ICC were panicking because in their emergency meeting with the Orion Group and the Rogue Federations that are their allies, they sensed fear and insecurity among its leadership.

The ICC decided to awaken the Pre-Adamite old gods and plead to them for assistance. They brought some of their most influential members to the deck of the Pre-Adamite ship that housed the stasis pods and prepared a ceremony.

The ICC performed a dark ceremony and made a human sacrifice as they disabled the stasis devices that had been operating since just before the last solar event and a global flood more than 11,800 years ago. The old gods were successfully awakened but the ICC was stunned at what happened next.

I am working on this report currently and will post it to Ascension Works TV. We also have the video versions of some of our prior reports nearly completed and will be published to the same platform ASAP.


David Wilcock

Some believe it’s because the world wasn’t ready for what they had to say...

Others may say it is because other powerful parties silenced them...
But what inventors and visionaries have to offer us as a whole is not only the portal to the new world, but also the keys & codes to be more and more inventive and visionary ourselves…
The result?
We collectively dream the world into being…
We open the portal.
The real truth is that the more possibilities we see, the more we support the light to anchor down and ripple out.
And there has never been a more important time to be exposed to the truth. At this time, it is now becoming a universal imperative..
And so I am inviting you to join a never before seen course experience called...
During this time, one of these visionaries will be stepping forth.
He has as yet been intentionally hidden, and he has now through a series of trials been authorized (by some) to come forward.
I call him “The Tesla of our Generation” and his identity will be revealed along with all the powerful codes that his given-vision and technologies for the future will hold.
In a time where we are surrounded and mired into the belabored news of now, I encourage you to step into this possibility of the actual news.
This is what is new, what is coming, now. And your eyes and awareness on the light potential are a contribution to it’s being grounded here and now.
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