Ashtar Sheran

 Ashtar Sheran is a being of Nordic/Angelic (human-like) appearance who originates from the system that orbits the triple star Alpha Centauri. This system is our closest neighbor, only 4 light years from Earth. In Sanskrit the word “Ashtar Sheran” can be interpreted as “the brightest sun”. It is believed that he calls himself this way in the present cycle in a reference to his high position as a celestial administrator attending to the interests of the central “government” of the Milky Way - his energy is closely aligned with the spiritual momentum that originates from the core of the stars (the alchemy and foundation of all spiritual life).


 Ashtar Sheran is not a regular alien presence on Earth – he projects the equivalent energy, and has the equivalent authority, of a cosmic Christ. The term “government” in the context above is very different to the concept of human government and administration as presently understood on Earth. The principle of “cosmic administration” is wholly spiritual. Cosmic administration is an intelligently designed mechanism involving a myriad of beings whose primarily aim is to promote the balance and further development of spiritual gravity. This administration is almost wholly based on the ministry of love, which is the foundation of spiritual gravity and all intelligent life in the cosmos. Ashtar Sheran – the commander of a spacecraft, the loving one of those, who believe in the coming of an extraterrestrial civilization for the savior of mankind from evil. He instills trust in everyone, regardless of race and creed, to those that wish to learn to be honest, decent, kind and loving. People that studied the messages sent by Ashtar Sheran through telepathic contact, came to the conclusion that: without the intervention of a Higher intellect, it is impossible to protect oneself from evil. In other words, life can be saved from evil only by a Higher intellect that is able to open criminal intentions with real actions.An excerpt can serve as an example from Ashtar Sherans messages to humanity of the earth.


Ashtar: “We know that it is an awful earth, an Earth of horrors. And within this, is the real reason, why we are interested in you. The delay in Spiritual development is not in harmony with your technical and scientific development – in this resides an enormous danger to all. You have all the reasons to think of us as your enemies, but our development does not allow us for this. We feel ourselves obligated in front of the Creator of All Life and for this reason, in some way we are the extension of Gods hand. On our planet we already repeatedly had times of decline. But we have understood just in time, that development forward is possible only when the ingenious Creator and HIS HIERARCHY are recognized." 


In regards to Ashtar one can say: people, having the abilities of a medium, know Ashtar and attempt to bring the ultimate truth to all of humanity. However, unfortunately, do to the absence of the connection of the two worlds - internal and external, there are distortions in the information received by them, forcing one to doubt and not to believe in the existence of contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. Nevertheless, Ashtar Sheran exists in reality and can be heard telepathically.

Besides Ashtar there exists a civilization that is higher in their spiritual and technical level. This civilization is located inside of the Universe of God. The actions of this civilization are not predictable to even Ashtar himself. This civilization is able to explain to any life form essence with the ability to reason, how God looks.


Arieolla – that is how one of the head Teachers of this civilization is called, is well acquainted with Ashtar Sheran and is his friend. He described God like this: “Imagine colossal feelings of extraordinary size and power that breathe love in the form of a yellow, soft, life substance that exist inside of you and everywhere you look. Inside this mass of living feelings you hear a “voice" that envelopes you with its warmth and light, giving peace and the desire to live forever..."God - is not a person. God is feelings that can see, hear and feel all on the outside as well as on the inside.


So there will be no doubts in regards to the Creator, recollect history, where Moses affirmed, that he hears the “voice” of God. However historically it was proven, that Moses, most likely met with aliens, bringing forward the facts into example of people of that time, about “iron birds”.

However if Moses met with extraterrestrials, then most likely, they thought him how to hear the voice of God. In that and the other case divergences do not exist.

In order to hear the “voice” of God one must develop telepathic abilities in themselves and to establish telepathic contact with Arieolla. In order to do this, the following instructions must be completed.

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