“GIANT SKULL” On Display In Switzerland?

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TWO Meters long “GIANT SKULL” On Display In Switzerland?
Now it's OFF-LIMITS?!?!
OVER 1000 Giant Skeletons Have Been Found in Recent Years.
Proof: Photo from Museum's Archive
Disseminated on 5 continents, archaeological remains of human skeletons have been discovered that discovered that gigantic beings inhabited the earth.
Giants have often been considered legendary figures created by the imagination of the ancients, which symbolize human power.
The giants were not fictitious and if they existed, they have played an important role in humanity.
Where are they now??
How or why they disappeared from the face of Earth all of a sudden??
Have they move out of our Solar system, or have they move inside the honeycomb Earth?
What does our world govt. knows about it?
Why is Smithsonian Institution and Vatican trying their best and going to any extent to hush this entire matter up and hiding all the evidences in out of the reach archives??
.See More Off World Photos by AJ Bhowmic 
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