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Massive Arrests, Suitcase Nukes & Internal Revolution 01/12/2022



Today we take a look at U.S. Aircrafts that was put on Full Ground Stop after North Korea launched a Hypersonic Missile.

 In other news, the Khazarian Mafia suffered a massive defeat as they lose their homeland.

 The country was "attacked by 20 000 very well trained gangsters and terrorists"

02:51 - North Korea Launches Hypersonic Missile
04:44 - China Deploying Troops to Kazakhstan
05:51 - U.S. Army to begin Training to fight American Patriots
09:05 - Khazarian Mafia defeated as they lose their Homeland
12:57 - Biblical Prophesies - Revelation 14:6
21:06 - 6-8 Cities Nukes from the Ocean - Sonia Craighead


 the book written for us now...wake-up people!

Since September 11, 2001. The United States has investigated and prosecuted public employees, journalists, and the press for the dissemination of classified information relating to the national security. What is the cause of the recent tension between the government and the press? Perhaps the media are pressing more aggressively to pierce the government's shield of secrecy. Perhaps the government is pressing more aggressively to expand its shield of secrecy. Perhaps both factors are at work. Top Secret explores not why this is happening, but whether the measures taken and suggested by the executive branch to prevent and punish the public disclosure of classified information are consistent with the First Amendment. 





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