Valiant Thor

Valiant Thor has been writing comments on, "We the People News on Rumble". He says reptilians have been on earth 460,000 years and are being cleaned off the planet. Those that try to flee are taken out by Light Beings. He shared some very interesting information. Valiant Thor is an immortal who resides inside the planet Venus. He is the commander of Victor One, a spaceship presently stationed on the ground near Lake Mead, Nevada, and he heads the Council of Twelve in Venus. In March of 1957 Valiant Thor landed in a small craft in Alexandria, Virginia and subsequently met with President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Vice-President Richard Nixon and Chiefs of Staff. The Commander was offered a three-year furnished apartment at the Pentagon. The purpose of Valiant Thor’s visit was to help the earth’s family to lead lives based on spiritual principles which ensure wholesome progress in all fields of endeavour including health, economics, scientific and technological advancement, justice, education and governance. Although his aid was refused by the American government, to this day Valiant Thor and his complement continue to give assistance to the people of Earth.

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