Why can’t we remember our past lives?


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 What is the point of knowing our past lives?
Knowledge of previous incarnations is a deeply personal matter which will be revealed to the aspirant through their own inner knowing at the right time for them. As a rule, such a revelation should not be pre - empted.

Similarly you should not reveal your own knowledge of your past lives to others. This is personal to you and you alone. More often, if such a person does make such a revelation they are most probably wrong or attempting to show off – or both.


Past lives as animals

In The Aetherius Society we do not believe that humans reincarnate as animals, or vice versa. There may be exceptions to this – but they are extremely rare.

Life is about learning karmic lessons. You are not going to learn the lessons you failed as a human in this life by being reborn as a rabbit in the next, for example. An analogy might be as follows: if a child fails a French test, what they need is the teacher to explain the mistakes they made in the French test – not a Spanish lesson.

Similarly we are not reborn as plants, or vice versa.


Past lives as extraterrestrials

There is nothing in Aetherius Society teachings to indicate any reincarnatory interchange between planets (with the exception of the two instances explained below). For example, there is nothing to indicate that it would be possible for you to have lived in the Pleiades in your last life. This would appear to be contrary to the message of the Cosmic Masters to Earth – which is to mankind on this planet as one race, who have been here for some 18,000,000 years.

The only exceptions to the above are as follows:

(1) Prior to our coming to Earth around 18,000,000 years ago, we inhabited the planet Maldek which we destroyed through atomic explosion. This being the case, each and every one of us is from another planet – Maldek. What remains of the physical structure of this planet is now the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

(2) Sometimes advanced extraterrestrials from the higher vibratory planes of other planets in this Solar System cause a part of their consciousness to be born on Earth in order to help mankind in certain ways. These beings are known as Cosmic Avatars, and include Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Confucius, Lao Zi, Moses and St Peter. When their mission is completed, they leave Earth. It should be stressed that they do not need to be born on Earth, as we do, in order to gain experience. They are born here purely in self-sacrifice due to their great compassion in order to help us. They are, without exception, outstanding individuals who lead extraordinary lives and make an extraordinary contribution to mankind’s advancement.


Past lives and spirit guides

You may have a spirit guide who has been connected with you in a previous life – but this is just one of various possibilities for the identity of your spirit guide.

In short, in The Aetherius Society we do not believe that we lived on another planet in our last incarnations, as do some people in the New Age/UFO movement, and we would be disinclined to believe such claims of others.


Dr George King


Dr George King (1919-1997) was a master of yoga, trance medium and the author of many books on spirituality. He was contacted by an extraterrestrial intelligence known as “Aetherius” in 1954, and founded The Aetherius Society in 1955 – to promote and act upon the wisdom of highly evolved intelligences from other planets who communicated with, and through, him for over 40 years.

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