Flat Earth Research

Flat Earth Research


 Every lake and every pond is being contained by land aka banks yet "We The People" should belive the oceans don't have to have a container and can curve to a spinning cartoon ball.

 When you follow this train of logic, it becomes clear that the only feasible conclusion is that Earth is indeed flat. 


My Theory is that the earth is flat and goes on to Infinity.



Nasa: When a ship sails off toward the horizon, it doesn't just get smaller and smaller until it's not visible anymore. Instead, the hull seems to sink below the horizon first, then the mast. When ships return from sea, the sequence is reversed: First the mast, then the hull, seem to rise over the horizon.  Look through a telescope and the ship reappears.

Aristotle also bolstered his belief in a round Earth with the observation that during lunar eclipses, the Earth's shadow on the face of the sun is curved. Since this curved shape exists during all lunar eclipses, despite the fact that Earth is rotating, Aristotle correctly intuited from this curved shadow that the Earth is curvy all around — in other words, a sphere.

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